My name is Noah Katsma. I am a photographer.

I don’t mean instagram on my cell phone kind of photographer or D.I.Y. let me shoot your wedding with a cannon rebel kind of photographer. Don’t get me wrong- everyone has humble beginnings but photography is my craft- my art.

 I like telling stories through photos; sharing an individuals journey and producing a world of emotion in a single image.

 Most of all, I like the mechanical side of photography. I guess that makes me a photographer and a nerd. Nonetheless, I love working with light,  being perceptive with it’s source,  having spatial awareness, composing portraits, understanding my camera and creating clean, clear, beautiful photos without any help from a computer program.

 Outside of work I enjoy hunting and beard growing.

I am currently based out of my at-home office in Juneau, WI and proudly service central and southern Wisconsin as well as Northern Illinois.

 Thank you for stopping by. 

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