If you live in Beaver Dam, or the surrounding area, you may have had this magazine delivered to your door. The front cover of the magazine looks somewhat familiar to me though. Oh thats right, I created that image!

Not many people will allow someone to hold a photoshoot in an  abandoned building, but we got lucky. If you are wondering where on earth we were, you will have to keep wondering because that is my new favorite secret spot. Amazingly, the location resides in good ol’ Beaver Dam Wisconsin and here is a hint, use to be an old car dealer service bay. Once we were granted permission to use the building we knew we needed to arrive a couple hours early for the shoot to do some rearranging and some cleaning. We tried our hardest to schedule the photoshoot on a day that was overcast to help soften the light coming from that enormous skylight, but as fate would have it, the sun shone bright with minimal clouds in the sky. So working together, me being on a ladder and Brian and Jim outside, we tried our best to capture the images we needed during the 15-30 seconds of cloud cover that occurred every 15 minutes or so.

The result however was unbelievable. As soon as a cloud would cover the sunlight the entire building would change, the car’s highlights and lowlights evened out bringing out every detail. Just imagine the car as it sits in all of its awesomeness, then just like that it looks %1000 more awesome. I was like a madman as soon as those clouds hit, taking 15-35 pictures in a grid pattern capturing all of the details car and its surroundings. Brian looked at me like I was crazy for taking so many pictures all at one time as most people would, but I explained to him that there was a reason behind my madness. All of those photos were taken with my 85mm f1.2 L series lens meaning I would have to be really far away from the car to fit it into frame. So instead of using a wide angle lens, which would distort the lines of the car, I used my telephoto lens and took up to 30 photos in a grid like pattern of the car and the scene around it. After the photoshoot, I took all of those photos and stitched them all together in post production. In other words, The picture you see on the front cover is actually 30 photos merged into one photo.

Brian hasn’t seen any of the photos of his car other than the ones printed in the LocaLeben magazine, so enjoy these photos with him that didn’t make the cut.
















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